Talent is complicated.

Yet most technology firms still think innovation means tinkering with CRM…

We’re different

Our role is making the very best headhunters and talent teams even better. See how we can help you.

For Recruiters

Imagine if your team had the entire market at their fingertips, on demand. We provide the most complete talent data and the most advanced search technology to enable your team to be the best versions of themselves - forming better relationships, completing more mandates, and generating more revenue than ever before.

For Hiring Firms

What if you could instantly benchmark teams against competitors and effortlessly identify the candidates you actually want to interview? We help talent teams transform their approach to hiring, either filling more roles directly, or maximising agency relationships to ensure the best possible hires and the highest ROI.

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Thoughts on our fundraise


2 min

As we officially announce our investment and partnership with the Samen Slimmer Alliance, I thought I’d share some brief thoughts on the journey to date.

Qneiform raises €750k from Samen Slimmer Alliance


3 min

We're delighted to announce our recent fundraise and becoming the first company backed by the Samen Slimmer Alliance

The London Finance Universe


10 min

Ahead of launching our platform in Q1 2024, test your knowledge ofthe London finance landscape with our latest game.

Diversity within the Big4 and Investment Banking


2 min

We were curious to explore how the composition of corporate finance teams within the Big 4 compares to those in investment banking. After analysing the backgrounds of nearly 11,000 UK-based professionals, this is what we found.

Education and Career: Show me the money


1,5 min

The lifelong benefits of attending certain universities have been widely discussed in the news of late. As such, it seemed a timely opportunity to look at how education can influence careers in finance.